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Polestar Announces Precept Going Into Production

Ben Parker

The Polestar Precept Concept revealed April 2020 is set to go into production sometime in the near future in an undisclosed factory in China

Credit Polestar

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Some good news this weekend, Polestar has announced their plans to produce the Precept without much information regarding the price point, the production timeline, or features however we can expect this to be a luxury competitor to the Tesla Model S and other high-end luxury electric sedans.

The Precept was designed as Polestar’s flagship representation of the future goals of the company, to become fully sustainable and eventually carbon neutral without sacrificing many amenities found in high-end luxury cars. The Precept merges new technology with sustainability with an interior using completely vegan, and recycled materials. The car also boasts a suite of autonomous, self-driving features with a myriad of lidar sensors throughout the car as well as cameras for side mirrors and a camera for the rear window. 

Thomas Ingenlath did mention many pieces of the car may not make it to actual production like the coach doors that open to reveal the whole interior and the glass roof that essentially covers the whole top of the car. 

The car is planned to be produced in the Polestar plant in China that is being made to have a low carbon footprint. This new plant will be created to match the high level of technological advancements offered in the Precept’s design. 

We’ll see about the naming convention as more information is released but it’s likely that this model will follow suit with previous models being called the Polestar 4. 

If you’re interested in reading more about the Precept’s details you can read the article I’ve written here.

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