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Evinetta, The Electric Concept 1971 Ferrari

Ben Parker

Credit Ash Thorp

Article Highlights

Born from the brain of the artist Ash Thorp and a few other collaborators, the Evinetta is a display of elegance, modernity, with a respect for the classics. This car looks like what a future batman would drive. Only way cooler. The 512S Berlinetta is a great representation of what designers imagined the future of high end would look like. Somehow, even though the Evinetta has the same bodylines and it’s 2020, it’s also a good view of the future.   

Credit Ash Thorp

Credit Ash Thorp

Full Credits:

Director - Ash Thorp
CGI - Colorsponge + Ash Thorp
Edit + Grade - Ash Thorp
Score - Pilotpriest
Talent - Sam Allen
Cinematography - Ash Thorp
Sound design - PALAI
Screen Graphics - Peter Clark

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