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Canoo Announces Its Multi-Purpose Electric Utility Van

Ben Parker

Credit Canoo

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The Multi-Purpose Delivery Van is Canoo’s second vehicle they’ve announced but is the first that is actually able to be purchased outright and has a shockingly affordable entry price at $33,000. The vehicle is boxy, modern and spacious, and comes in two sizes. It’s an offering for both average consumers, and commercial businesses. 

The first thing to note about the MPDV as they call it is its brutal shape. Sharp edges, hard lines, it’s extremely modern and a stark contrast to many of the nature inspired designs we see from many other electric vehicle manufacturers. The van somehow retains an approachable aesthetic while remaining sleek, brutal and unique. 

My take on the MPDV is that it will be a real competitor against Sprinter vans, which start at $36,000 new. I think this will be a pretty successful offering for those looking for something electric in this class of vehicles. 

Here are some key excerpts from the Canoo press release. 

The vehicle enables greater “up time,” or the actual hours of use, through a range of unique benefits, including: 


●       Greater cargo space with nearly 30% more parcel volume than other leading delivery vehicles in comparable segments.

●       Range efficiency means more stops can be made on a single charge, helping to lower operating costs. 

●       Energy efficiency provides considerable savings in terms of operating expenses because the vehicle can go further per kilowatt of energy than the competition.

●       Urban maneuverability enabled by Canoo’s steer-by-wire technology which eliminates hand-over-hand driving and increases range of motion and route options.

Credit Canoo

Credit Canoo

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