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A New Video Showing Canoo’s EV Skateboard Platform at Work

Ben Parker

The Canoo electric vehicle skateboard chassis as revealed in their latest video showing it actually driving.

Credit Canoo

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There are a number of electric vehicle companies who are developing skateboard-like chassis on which they place the body of the vehicle on top of. The main components of an actual skateboard are the deck, the trucks, and the wheels (there are other pieces like the bushings, bearings, and axles but we can ignore those). The “deck” of an EV skateboard chassis is essentially the battery box and at either end, the “trucks” are the front and rear subframes. Canoo has long advertised the benefits of their specific platform and has now released a video and some stats to prove it.

Now here are some of the things they’re boasting their platform offers (quoting from here):

  • The first true Steer-by-Wire system, meaning there’s no mechanical connection in the steering, throttle or braking systems, provides more responsive handling and allows us to position the driver seat anywhere we want/
  • High-performance powertrain designed in-house that can support front, rear, or dual-motor configurations that boast up to 500 horsepower and over 300 miles of range.
  • The flattest EV skateboard profile which enables us to maximize interior space on a compact exterior footprint and rapidly scale new vehicle programs faster and for a fraction of the cost. 

We still have yet to see what the skateboard chassis offers to the end-user. Canoo’s business model is a subscription car service rather than a typical purchase model. Which makes sense, because really in the future no one will own a car. But for now, it does seem potentially a little too-forward thinking? Also I wish an EV company would wise up and make a modular EV chassis for hobbyists and enthusiasts. But that’s just me.

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You can see here a model of the body going onto the skateboard chassis. The skateboard chassis allows for tons of room inside the cabin. Because the batteries are housed low on the chassis the car has a very low center of gravity which allows for greater balance, handling, and increased rigidity.

Credit Canoo

Professional racing driver Sara Price driving the Canoo skateboard platform demonstrating the modularity available with a steer-by-wire system.

Credit Canoo