Voltage is an online publication featuring innovative stories that explore the future of human transportation focusing on sustainability, autonomy, and design.

Voltage was created with the goal to explore the future of human transportation for a large mainstream audience through compelling stories and content.

As a lover of cars, I've always felt that there hasn't been a place to find interesting compelling stories about innovation in the automotive field focused on design, or sustainability. The car industry is going through an enormous revolution. The way we look at cars is beginning to change, Voltage is a platform to reflect those changes.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have become our best shot at immediately offsetting the damage we've done by using fossil fuels. Current information presented or curated is either too scientific, or not presented simply. My goal is to present current stories and information about electric vehicles in compelling ways.


The next step for human transportation is automation. Whether it's self-driving cars or automated public transit systems, automation is coming. I plan to share simplified information regarding upcoming technology in this industry.


Because our needs for vehicles are changing, their design and form factor is as well. Voltage aims to explore the future of automotive design while inspecting on core principles from the past.


It's time to face the music that from wheel to well current combustion engine vehicles have produced significant amounts of waste and emissions. For us to continue to enjoy vehicles as we know them today we need to find ways to offset the damage that we've done.  

Thank you for supporting our efforts!
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