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Electric Vehicle Conversion Kits

There’s a growing desire to turn gas powered cars into electric cars. With a growing interest among enthusiasts manufacturers are slowly beginning to create turn key solutions for electric vehicle conversions. Most of the kits on this list are provided by an electric car garage in southern California, EV West. They’ve successfully completed countless electric vehicle conversions and now sell quite a few kits that make the process much easier. 

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with EV West, and this is not a sponsored post. I cannot guarantee any of the prices or products listed below.

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Converting Your Car to Electric

I spent the summer of 2016 in Japan. It was truly a dream, I’ve always admired Japanese culture from afar and had always wanted to visit. In 2016 the opportunity arose for me to go there for work and I was beyond excited for countless reasons, the food, the sights, the culture, and of course, the cars. While there I met one of the two loves of my life. My 1989 Nissan Pao. I didn’t actually meet it in Japan but I was introduced to the Pao there, and after returning to the states I got one as soon as I could. 

Aside from this car being semi-rare, and very JDM, this car is beginning to be an old car -- more like has been an old car. Now passing its 30th birthday the car is older than I am. Having a 30-year-old car in California is tough, even more so if it’s a carbureted one. If you’re like me and you have an old car that you love that you don’t want to get rid of converting it to an electric car may be the thing to do.

Electric car conversions are becoming a much more common thing and there are increasingly more options for anyone looking to turn their dinosaur eating old project car, or their daily driver into an electric dart. For some cars, there are even electric car conversion kits available that are nearly bolt-on. Otherwise, you may be looking into doing something more custom, and or sending your car off to a shop to have this done.

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