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Installing the Dilithium Battery Management System in your Electric Vehicle Conversion

I’ve been frantically working to get the batteries that I’ve had sitting around for a year charged and balanced. I’m using a Dilithium BMS Controller and Satellite as well as a Thunderstruck EVCC charge controller with a TSM2500 3.3kw charger – probably (that’s some foreshadowing). Over the past few days I’ve been wiring up all the BMS.

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How to Prepare Your Car For an EV Conversion

The first chapter of an ev conversion is getting rid of all the gasoline bits. This chapter requires some nuance as you have to take apart carefully, and make sure that you’re keeping what you need to. It’s taken me a lot longer to get to the end of this chapter than I thought, but not longer than I planned. Here’s how it went.  

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Doing An Electric Vehicle Conversion On My Own

This is project Act-E. Over the next few months I’ll be documenting the process of converting an 1993 Honda Acty from gasoline to electric. The plan is to make this a very capable overland kei van that’s electric powered. I’m no mechanic, or electrician but a guy with a lot of willpower and chutzpah. So here it is.

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Batteries for Electric Vehicle Conversions

There are many different types of batteries that you can use in an electric vehicle conversion. In the early years of electric vehicle conversions the standard was just 12V lead-acid batteries like what you use to power a 12V system in a normal car. There are also deep-cycle lead acid batteries that are designed to discharge most of their capacity and are built to be more durable. Modern electric cars, and most EV conversions today use lithium-ion batteries. But in the proper arrangement you can power the vehicle with any kind of battery. Theoretically you could band a bunch of Duracell AA batteries together to power your conversion, but at 1.5 volts and 2 amp hours each it would take a lot to power your car. Understanding your power and range needs, and your space limitations will be the biggest determining factors on what type, and how many batteries you’ll need.

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All About The Netgain HyPer 9 IS Motor

The Netgain HyPer 9 motor is a tried and tested motor used in countless diy electric vehicle conversions. For a few reasons, its power, reliability, and size. This motor comes with a programmable SRIPM motor controller, throttle, main contactor, low-voltage wire harness, and a diagnostic display.

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